Single Port Laproscopic Surgery

Gynecologic surgery without a scar

The standard of care in the surgical management of diseases is rapidly evolving. Minimally Invasive gynecologic surgery is being adopted exponentially both in the United States and Europe and Dr Nawfal is an expert provider of Single port surgery in Lebanon and the region.

Laparoscopic gynecologic surgery has proved itself in having advantages in terms of improved surgical outcomes, decreased bleeding, faster recovery, short hospital stay and decreased pain afterwards.

In laparoscopy, three or four small incisions (from 1/2 to1 cm) are done providing the patient with barely visible scars and improved patient comfort and satisfaction, in addition to the mentioned surgical advantages over the "traditional" open surgery.

Because another very important aspect is cosmesis surgeons developed a novel technique in laparoscopy, known as single port Laparoscopic surgery or "scar-less surgery".

A single incision is made in the navel (belly button), allowing the surgeon to conceal it in the umbilical fold and thus providing the patient with virtually no visible scar, therefore the term "Scar less surgery"

In addition patients seem to report less discomfort and faster recovery compared with those undergoing traditional laparoscopy.

The surgeries that can be performed using this technique include removal of the uterus (hysterectomy), removal of the ovaries (oophorectomy) , removal of ovarian cysts (ovarian cystectomy) in addition to release of adhesions and in certain infertility cases.

Dr Nawfal in an expert in these technically advanced procedures, taking minimally invasive surgery to a higher level and providing patients in the region with surgical care that is otherwise only available in specialized hospitals in North America and Europe.

Unseen Scar after single port surgery.
Unseen Scar after single port surgery.

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