Optimal obstetrical care results in a pregnancy with a healthy mother and baby, in addition to a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for the parents to be.
Therefore this care should start before pregnancy. During a preconception counseling consult the prospective parents history and well being is reviewed, in addition to their respective family histories, a physical exam and blood tests are performed in addition to starting pre-conception counseling and supplements.

Once the pregnancy occurs a thorough evaluation and follow up is performed so that we can guide and support the expecting family through this beautiful experience. During the prenatal care a combination tests and ultrasounds accompanied by visits with your physician for counseling and guidance insure a healthy and natural pregnancy. Our priority is to provide "mothers to be" with the most up-to-date and caring attention during their pregnancy. We arrange for prenatal classes that are offered by experienced midwives to prepare the family to welcome their newest member.

When the time comes we help expectant mothers make informed choices during labor, delivery and recovery, so that each family has a safe and pleasurable childbirth experience.

Breastfeeding and baby-care counseling are offered to new mothers in the comfort of their room.

The care of a new family during a postpartum consultation allows for breastfeeding and baby care support, in addition to healing and family planning.

We believe that only with such comprehensive care can a family go through the stages of this natural and life changing experience, allowing for optimal bonding and a healthy and pleasurable experience for the entire family.
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