Robotic Surgery
Robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery is the newest and most advanced form of laparoscopic surgery.... read more
Laparoscopic Surgery
A laparoscopic surgery or "key hole" surgery is performed through very small incisions (ranging from 5 to 12 mm). These incisions leave very small scars... read more
Single Port Surgery
Laparoscopic gynecologic surgery has proved itself in having advantages in terms of improved surgical outcomes,and ... read more
Hysteroscopic Surgery
A hysteroscopic surgery is a surgery to the uterine cavity that is performed as a same day procedure, with the patient going home on the same... read more

Outstanding & comprehensive care, Excellence in treatment

Our approach to your health is comprehensive. We specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology however our mission aims at promoting women's health in a global manner that includes primary and preventative care.

As a result our care is directed to every cycle of a women's life. From the early teenage years through the reproductive period, the peri-menopause and menopausal stages we offer personalized and specific care that supports women throughout their life journey.

Maintaining health means patient education, prevention, screening and treatment. When treatment is necessary we believe in providing the most advanced, state-of the art medical treatment that is most suited to each patient. Minimally Invasive gynecologic surgery means eliminating disease with at the same time providing the most comfort, least pain, least hospital stay and the least scarring possible. It also means faster recovery and faster return to work and daily activities.

Dr Nawfal specializes in obstetrics and general gynecology but also in Minimally Invasive gynecologic surgery. Ranging from hysteroscopic surgery, to advanced laparoscopic surgery, single port laparoscopic and Robotic surgery.

Allowing us to provide you with the best and most leading edge treatments and services, all in a convenient and comfortable setting.
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